Identifying glass by Ronald Stennett Willson

Ronald Stennett Willson (RSW) worked for a number of different companies over his years of designing glass. See the history page for information on his work. In a long and varied career he designed for Wuidart, Lemington Glass, Kings Lynn Glass, Wedgwood Glass and Langham Glass, but always with innovation, clean lines and creativity.

Like all forms of art and crafts there is no replacement for experience but if you are setting out to collect glass designed by Ronald Stennett Willson then there are a number of online and offline resources that you can find to help you.  See the references at the end of this page for some suggestions.

The best known and widely collected pieces of Ronald Stennett Willson's prodigious output were made by his start-up company, Kings Lynn Glass, and by the corporation who bought out Kings Lynn Glass, Wedgwood Glass. While the great majority of the pieces made by Kings Lynn Glass before they were bought out bore paper labels, much of the output post-1969 was sand blasted (not etched) with the Wedgwood England trademark of Wedgwood Glass.

The image to the left shows the most common form of sand blasted trademark, normally found on the bottom of a piece of Wedgwood glass. Of course, not all Wedgwood glass was designed by Ronald Stennett Willson, and it is a prerequisite to understand which pieces were made by him and which were designed by other notable Wedgwood Glass designers such as Frank Thrower, while he was there. The web site is a great resource for identifying glass designed by the great man.

All Kings Lynn Glass from when it was founded in 1967 bore the paper labels bearing the 'Lynn England' logo. This was replaced by the Wedgwood Glass equivalent before the sand blasted labels began. The original sand blasted label introduced in late 1969 bore a representation of the Portland Vase above the word Wedgwood, but this was dropped in 1971 in favour of the 'Wedgwood England' trademark shown above left, the trademark being that of Wedgwood Glass. The Portland Vase mark can be seen to the right.

We highly recommend the following reference sources:

Book - Millers 20th-Century Glass, by Andy McConnell, pages 224-233

Book - Wedgwood Glass, by Susan Tobin

Web site - - Chris and Martin's excellent web site with many pictures of his work

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